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The Women's Research Engineers Network provides a channel to promote international collaboration between women research engineers and increasing the awareness of leaders to implement policies that support women in their academic careers.

Our Story & Mission

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Our global reach is growing

Our Network brings together. The Women’s Research Engineers Network provides a channel to promote international collaboration.


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WREN is a brilliant example of a grass-root network that can and will make a difference.

Prof. Pascal Perez

It was a great experience and an interesting opportunity to connect with different people! The WREN team made us feel very welcome and Shelda was really inspiring! I had many insights and for sure it will impact the way I envision and hopefully develop my career! Thank you all!

Thais C.

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Is the network free?

Yes, a WREN membership is free!

Can only women join?

No, the network is open to everyone who wishes to see gender equity in research engineering. While the network focuses on supporting women, a progressive and equitable change is only possible when everyone is involved. The inclusion of men in the network allows us to: 

  • Engage in open and honest conversations, 
  • Bring awareness of, and address, gender stereotypes,
  • Build more diverse collaboration networks, reflect balanced gender perspectives and create opportunities for gender equal research practices.

What if I’m undergraduate student, interested in continuing into a postgraduate study?

The WREN welcomes researchers in engineering areas at any stage of their careers.