Upcoming Events

Take a look at our upcoming events where we network with peers around the world, learn tips for successful grants and developing your career, and talk about the big topics like gender equality.

22 June 2024

Enabled by Engineering Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

Organised by UOW

19 June 2024

Rising Up Film Screening + Q&A

Organised by BrightEcology

28 June 2024

WREN’s Researchers Tinder – BR Edition

Organised by WREN

22 May 2024

Developing a Research Track Record

Organised by WREN

15 May 2024

Staying Well in your Research Career

Organised by WREN

24 April 2024

Navigating the glass obstacle course: Making progress for women and STEM

Organised by WREN

21 March 2024

WREN Symposium 2024

Organised by WREN

30 January 2024

Embedding Sustainable Development Goals in Curriculum

Organised by WREN

29 November 2023

UOW Malaysia’s 3rd Engineering Research Symposium

Organised by UOW Malaysia

24 November 2023

Building Bridges: Fostering healthier relationships between supervisors and postgraduate candidates

Organised by WREN

1 September 2023

Workshop: Twelve Weeks to Publication

Organised by WREN

10 July 2023

Workshop: Promoting Yourself and Your Research

Organised by WREN

23 June 2023

International Women in Engineering Day 2023

Organised by University of Wollongong

28 March 2023

WREN Symposium 2023

Organised by WREN

7 November 2022

Forum: Hierarchical Segregation in Teaching and Research

Organised by WREN

27 October 2022

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: The Fundamentals

Organised by IEEE

7 October 2022

Academic Writing Workshop: Twelve Weeks to Publication

Organised by WREN

23 August 2022

Boosting International Collaboration

Organised by WREN

23 June 2022

Mesa Redonda: Sucesso em Projetos de Pesquisa

Organised by WREN and UFOP

23 June 2022

International Women in Engineering Day

Organised by UOW, WREN, iAccelerate, Sicona

24 May 2022

Website Launch & Virtual Networking Cafe

Organised by WREN

18 March 2022

UGPN Annual Conference 2022

Organised by UGPN

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