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Our Member’s section is more than sharing your publications. By becoming a member of WREN, you can:

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Find national and international grant opportunities

Engage with experts and specialties across a broad range of disciplines

Build a multi-lateral research team with researchers in other academic institutions or industries

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Share stories, experiences, concerns, and initiatives to promote and foster diversity and inclusion in engineering

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Is the network free?

Yes, a WREN membership is free!

Can only women join?

No, the network is open to everyone who wishes to see gender equity in research engineering. While the network focuses on supporting women, a progressive and equitable change is only possible when everyone is involved. The inclusion of men in the network allows us to: 

  • Engage in open and honest conversations, 
  • Bring awareness of, and address, gender stereotypes
  • Build more diverse collaboration networks, reflect balanced gender perspectives and create opportunities for gender equal research practices.

What if I’m undergraduate student, interested in continuing into a postgraduate study?

The WREN welcomes researchers in engineering areas at any stage of their careers.  

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WREN is a brilliant example of a grass-root network that can and will make a difference.

Prof. Pascal Perez

Quando recebi o e-mail da minha instituição informando sobre o projeto fiquei encantada, já que a disparidade entre gêneros em pesquisa de engenharia é enorme. A possibilidade de criar uma rede de colaborações internacional pode demonstrar o empoderamento feminino, não apenas quanto à visibilidade e impacto dos trabalhos, como também no acesso à bolsas e financiamentos para uma carreira acadêmica sustentável.

Érika Bedin

It was a great experience and an interesting opportunity to connect with different people! The WREN team made us feel very welcome and Shelda was really inspiring! I had many insights and for sure it will impact the way I envision and hopefully develop my career! Thank you all!

Thais C.

Creating a space to collaborate and connect

As WREN is all about promoting and fostering diversity and inclusion, we are committed to ensuring everyone in our network can connect and collaborate in a safe space; a space free of violence and discrimination of any kind, bullying and harassment of any kind. If we deem any post as abusive or disrespectful, it will be removed. If you are feeling unsafe, please report it to the administrators immediately. With respect and understanding, we can encourage and support each other for more transparent and honest conversations.  

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Be part of a network where you can connect with others around the world, look for the right opportunities, celebrate women’s achievements in engineering, and work towards a gender-equal global community.

Interested in getting involved?

We are always looking for new partners and volunteers to chase the shared vision of a gender-equal engineering research community. If you want to support women researchers in engineering and are keen to be part of a women-led team, reach out to us!